sculptures on commission
Russell Jacques

"A large percentage of my projects are 'site specific' commissions. Over these many years, I have developed several useful techniques designed to take the anxiety out of the process and make it fun and personal for my collectors.

"If the project is local, I enjoy arriving at the prospective client's home or business with my very ancient projector on wheels (used for twenty years) whereby I set up and project line drawings of designs on the actual space being considered for one of my works. At this juncture, we collectively discuss which design works and why. The interesting part of this approach is that the client/collector is invited into the creative process. We then open the wine (their part) and choose appropriate metal and finishes specific to the overall environment, again with further discussion."

"If the project is out of the area, I request a photograph of the space in question and then enlarge the photo to 11"x18" and mount it on foamcore. I cut out and paste up three (3) designs appropriate for the space. After forwarding to the client, we engage in a conference call to discuss the results. The client is an integral part of the process. Once in agreement, an initial deposit of 50% is required... I then go to work!

"Once the art is complete, we take our time to agree on its orientation. No surprises... No disappointments. It is then installed... more wine and a check for the balance. A wonderful collaborative experience.

"This process has worked quite well for my client base and myself for many years, from the west coast, to the east coast, and beyond. I have worked on many levels with architects, designers, and art consultants on large scale installations in many countries. The collaborative spirit of creating with other professionals is a great joy to me.

"If this process interests you, please contact me directly with any and all questions."




metal sculpture commissions

Russell shown with his recent work:
Gramercy d'Arch
10'h x 6 1/2' w x 3'd